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Austin Smith_Man Camp_Idaho_Feb 012’


Favorite shot from the trip to AK for NIKE SNOW this past March.
Method warm up_Gigi Ruf_Haines, AK


4 Nights 1 Yurt: Scotty Lago-

A mission after dinner on the stove with Scotty to go build a fire when its dumping out.  Scotty, who is from NH, had no problem doing so. While shooting this week for NIKE I wanted to document Lago in another way, something different than just standing with product on which is often the case.  Instead, documenting a real siduation where a story is present and real creating raw moments that are tied together with energy and environment.


4  nights 1 yurt: Idaho
In early March I took a 4 night journey into the woods and stayed in a yurt with 3 riders for Nike.  We stayed out in a yurt- no running water, no electricity, just wood stove and your frozen toes.  It was interesting to document the whole experience, and enjoy the time off the grid. Here is a shot after loading up at the parking lot, getting ready for the 8.5 mile snowmobile mission in the first night to the yurt.  More to come…


Austin Smith_Smiley Creek, Idaho_Early Morning in March