Currently: Deep interior, British Columbia.
.Blauvelt has always had his priorities in line during the winter months- Early to bed, early rise. That combined with keeping a sharp eye on weather patterns has led him to consistently being in the right place in the never ending unpredictable world of conditions. Often keeping a relaxed and humbled approach to the rat race seems to pay off quite often for him.


deeper than my tits day.

Jake Blauvelt_ Whistler, BC_March 012’


I’ve been hanging with Jake since our first runs at Bolton Valley..  14 years ago sliding down sheets of Ice for the entire winter and nothing but greasy frozen grins on our face when our parents swooped us at the end of the day..  Pretty insane where shit has gone…



Jake Blauvelt_Shot for Oakley in Northern, BC Jan 012’


A pull from a Oakley job this winter- Jake Blauvelt steps out into his office for the day in the Whistler backcountry, BC.  You can scope from the bird well, but nothing beats from the ground.
Photo: Cole Barash