20 Years of Backcountry Legends:  Justin Hoystenek

Justin Hoystenek or also known as JAH, owner of Absinthe Films, has been making some of the most progressive and creative snowboard movies for almost 20 years.  He is one of the only production companies left shooting 16mm and 8mm film, and refuses to jump on the wagon of buying a RED camera or a 5d like everyone else is doing these days.  I can really apprecaite how he wants to stay true to his creative approach and contribution to snowboarding.  His films have always been considered more of an artistic documentation of top riding as compared to other productions which are more predicatable known as “shred porn.”
What truly amazes me about JAH is that he is still out there in the full GRIND of shooting snowboarding.  Clocking countless hours on the road, endless days of frozen feet and fingers, with a back pack that is undoubtedly one of the heaviest in the crew- he is still so dedicated to shooting and chasing it.  Having JAH up there with  everyone else during supernatural was pretty cool to see him share such old stories.  Hating having his portrait taken, as I have tried a few different times over the past few years, I was hyped he accepted as he is no doubt part a legend of the past 20 years in snowboarding.  Check out the trailer for the newest flick: Twelve- here.