11:39pm_Mexico City_Terminal 2_

Northorsouth.  I am in mexico city, sitting in an airport hotel room, and my wrists are sweating becuase my computer is a complete hot pile.  38 days on the road, 16 different hotel rooms/apartments, a few different countires, new friends, snow, peaks in the andes, ocean, neardeathholddowns, hot, cold, sand, massive latino asses, best times, logistical nightmares, tired as fuck, amped as shit, super slow internet, super fast bad decisions, hotsauceblowoutsinthetoilet, happy, muchos cervezas, fried, frustrated, wondering… Should it end.  My work for the client is officaly done, and now I have a chance to go home-free.  2 tickets on hold- one going north home to saftey, to “normal”life, to the reset button, to me sitting in front of the computer and negatives.  Getting “organized” and acting “professional”.  The other, south- back to chile to chase “it”-the unknown, new people, food, friends, waves, shadows, ideas, experiences.  I am spent as all hell, and should I go home- yea probably- fuck it- I am going SOUTH.  To chase a personal project that probably won’t work out- but I’ll never know if I don’t sack up and try.  Home is comfort- and it will always be there.  The unknown is the unexperienced that won’t always be.  Hey 5am checkin- what up beaaatch- I’ll see you for the southbound journey.  YAR!

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  1. boywithoutacrown said: More importantly: Have fun! And share some shots with us if you get a chance…
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