Brooklyn, NY.  Working on a new project with Justin Hogan (motion) about the dedication to streetball in the projects.  Stay tuned for more just got a grip of negs back.  


Ally. Ireland. 



from Relations by Tim Barber
signed copies of the book Relations are available at Dashwood Books.

This book is good.



From Death is the Answer
Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Andreas is the man.  




"When a photographer posts everything to see what sticks, when a photographer creates work only for constant feed-posting, the stream become the runs. It’s a failure to accept responsibility as an artist for creating art. I’m not talking about posting some images from your upcoming book. I’m not talking about posting cool outtakes or a series of old scans. I’m talking about the encroaching idea of posting image after unconnected image on Tumblr or wherever as an “artist” and never moving to make something with the images beyond that….ever. That’s fine if you like to photograph cute puppies; not fine if you are an artist and you aren’t doing a conceptual project using the stream…or a conceptual project on endless photographs of cute puppies."

Tom Griggs, Navigating the Stream, Part I (via photographsonthebrain)

So true.  Stick to your guns and produce work from your gut for you- not for likes or fuckin follows.  I really think about this a lot how people are becoming so obsessed and a lot of work is gutless I see now on these fast food feeds.  

(via photographsonthebrain)



Kala Alexander at home // from the series Talkin’ Story


John John Florence // from the series Talkin' Story