I recently went to Japan and shot a project on sumo wrestling.  Here is one of the girl’s bedrooms.  More to come with the release of the editorial.







Finally a few days off the grid to focus… On what I really care about..
Starting the round 1 edit of the #talkinstory (current title) book project.  A body of work I shot about the North Shore this winter with a heavy focus on John-John at home.  Thank you:  @john_john_florence @peterjasienski @blakevincentkueny @samcustin





Jim is one of my favorite artists right now and the work he is making continues to get better and better.  Both original and pure, I find it very inspiring.    
I spent a few hours with Jim in NYC this fall and we talked many topics but the one I found the most interesting was how he talked about “home.”  He explained how Thoreau (the great american author) had written about the true secrets of the world is where you live and discovering it.  How people obsess over seeing the world and traveling so far in search of something.  When the true beauty is discovered by exploring every square inch of your homelands.    
I remember this literally stopped me in my tracks and made me really think as I have done exactly that- traveled so far and quite a bit of the world.  I find it interesting that Jim has integrated that much into his bodies of work as they all lay in one land- Utah.  Digging deep and exploring where you live is something I am aspiring to do currently as it serves as a whole new world.  

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I’m looking for a new intern that will transition to studio manager. The job includes lots of film handling, scanning, archiving, errands, small projects, etc. We’ve got a great space with some chill guys in Brooklyn. Looking for someone willing to work hard as well as kick back a few beers in the studio. 

Check out the link for more info and instructions to apply: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/med/4386389913.html